While we are starting to be able to offer some indoor Pilates, we are thrilled to bring Mighty outdoors so you can workout in the fresh air on reformers spaced 6 feet apart. Clients and instructors must wear masks and grip socks while working out, have temperatures taken before class, and we suggest bringing layers to accommodate changing weather conditions.


Marin’s outdoor rooftop Reformer classes are located in a secluded area on the deck, just outside the studio on the 2nd floor of the Marin Country Mart, and take place both in the morning and afternoon. The space features 9 reformers that are covered with a sail cloth to keep the sun out of clients’ eyes.

Indoors we are currently offering private sessions. However, we have State approval to move classes indoors if needed due to rainy or inclement weather.

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We are offering outdoor mat classes at the Spruce parklet next door in the mornings. We are also offering outdoor private sessions in front of the studio where you and the instructor will be tucked behind privacy screens set up around the reformer.

Indoors we offer private sessions as well as group classes. We have State approval to operate socially distanced classes inside.

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Santa Monica

Outdoor group classes with 9 reformers each are being held under a large tent located in the back parking lot of the studio. We have both morning and evening classes as the tent offers outdoor lighting. Please park outside the lot to allow for more spaces for neighboring businesses. There is metered parking nearby and free parking on 7th Street.

We are not currently offering any indoor classes or services, but will keep you posted when we are able to do so. Please note that unfortunately we cannot let people into the studio to use the bathroom due to State laws.

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Read about our Safety Procedures to learn what we are doing to ensure clients are safe and feel confident about coming to Mighty.