New to TRX?


TRX is physically challenging but easy to get started if you have never done it before. Created by a former Navy SEAL, this system develops balance, strength, flexibility and core stability all at the same time. This challenging workout that uses the resistance of your own body weight and gravity using TRX Suspension Training. TRX and Pilates are great workout complements – the combination of the two will work every muscle head to toe, and both have a real emphasis on the core.

What to Expect

Our 50-minutes group classes have up to 9 people and you will use the TRX suspension ropes as a workout system to leverage your gravity and your body weight to perform a variety of different exercises. TRX classes are suitable for all fitness levels because you can easily adjust your body and the straps to increase or decrease resistance.  Your instructor can guide you to make it more or less challenging.   In Santa Monica, we offer TRX bootcamps with Tracy that meet twice a week. Tracy has a loyal following and this incredible class guarantees results. This program will be limited to 8 participants to ensure personal attention and a comfortable training environment. Sign up in advance as these fill up!


How To Prepare

  • Pick a class and sign up beforehand, as many classes fill up
  • Wear comfortable workout clothes that you feel ok sweating in.
  • We suggest workout/running shoes.  If you are doing a combo TRX/Pilates class, you won’t wear your shoes on the Reformer.  For Pilates, you don’t have to wear shoes or socks – we suggest you go barefoot or wear grip socks (we sell ‘em). So… either no shoes, or running shoes for the TRX portion.
  • Check in 10 min early so we can show you around, have you fill out a quick form, & meet your instructor
  • You can bring water bottle, but we’ll have filtered water for you.
  • We have sweat towels, basics like hair bands, makeup remover, deodorant and lotion.  We have chilled lemon, eucalyptus, lavender towels to cool down after class.
  • Come ready to be energized and have fun!


TRX is a super effective way to torch your whole body, build strength, and get your heart beating… using just your own bodyweight.  TRX burns about 400 calories per session (which is the top of the ACE’s workout energy expenditure goal for a typical workout). Because you work in all planes of motion, you help prepare your bod for real world movement, like scooping up your kids, hiking up a mountain and building that next dream project. We love the combo of TRX and Pilates to work every muscle head to toe, with special focus on your core.